Lana Love becomes brand ambassador for revolutionary fitness app...

As if 2018 didn’t end with a bang after performing in the heart of Times Square in front of more than 15,000 people at New York City’s 1st Annual Global Peace & Unity Winter Concert, and rocking out in several performances at some of NYC’s most iconic venues including the world-renowned Minton’s Playhouse in Harlem, Ms. Love has now officially signed a deal making her the first official Artist ambassador for a new innovative fitness app named UBQFIT launching in the first quarter of 2019.

UBQFIT is a live-streaming (AND more) fitness platform that’s all about making your health and fitness social and fun, they say on their website ‘if it’s not fun, we aren’t doing it right!’ but what is interesting about this app is that it is also very scientific and result-focused by zeroing in on your fitness data during your fitness activities.

Lana Love is starring in a series of comedic short form film commercials for the app allowing us to see her show off one of her other loves, her acting craft and impeccable comedic timing. Ms Love has been acting for years and has an unbelievable amount of experience in acting having worked in some of Broadway’s iconic shows, but this opportunity with UBQFIT will allow us to see her under a different spotlight.

Scene from “Gym’s Mission Impossible” by UBQFIT (all rights reserved 2019)

Scene from “Gym’s Mission Impossible” by UBQFIT (all rights reserved 2019)

Ms Love continues to grow and we continue to enjoy watching her shine, something note is, she is signing deals with different notable brands who believe in this young talent and continue to want to be a part of her rise to the top of the entertainment industry.

So get ready to transform your fitness experience from whatever it is today to something you can’t wait to do again while making huge progress in achieving your goals with UBQFIT and of course, get ready to giggle your heart out with some funny outrageousness from the one and only multi-talented and multi-gifted…the representative of Love itself, Ms Lana Love.

Lana Love