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Miss Love’s musical journey began at the age of 4, when she plunked out Phantom of the Opera on the living room piano. Fast forward, the Southern Belle moves to the Big Apple destined for the Broadway stage. Since then, she has performed/dance captained Nat’l and InterNat’l tours, Off B’way, Regionally, and in over 20 countries. She has worked for the likes of Disney, Warner Bros, Marvel, HBO, Nickelodeon, Discover Ch. and many more. 

Shortly after tour, Ms. Love began writing lyrics for a new musical by Spanish pop star, Nacho Cano. From there she discovered her passion for writing which catapulted her into creating and performing her own material in the Pop Music world. Now, Love is stepping into her own, in service of that little girl tinkering around on the piano.


Since the release of her first single “Don’t Let Me” she ranked #3 on the Reverb Nation Pop/EDM Charts and was awarded Featured Pop Artist. She has accumulated over 350k streams across all platforms.

Love has worked with several Award-winning producers who’ve worked with the likes of Houston, Spears, Aguilera, Pink, among many other power-house female vocalists. The Pop/EDM Artist is projected to tour in Las Vegas and Japan spreading love everywhere she goes! 

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“Lana Love: Palpably Punchy Pop Lana Love has proven that she’s a Pop artist ahead of the contemporary curve with her latest single Don’t Let Me; stylish doesn’t even begin to cover her sensational sound. The palpably punchy Pop track, carries plenty of urban hype mixed with gritty realism to create a track that doesn’t just skirt around superficially. The Lyrics are as deep as the beat in her new single which dropped on June 1, 2018.”
— Amelia Vandergast - A&R Factory
“If you like attitude, daring lyricism, breaking of cultural boundaries amid a brawny vocal performance - Lana Love’s got you covered with her new single “Don’t Let Me.” The New York shot visual displays Love’s dynamic personality, fondness for diversity, adversity and a down right good time in conjunction with her knack for call-to-action lyricism. The way Love describes love there’s no way you wouldn’t want to fall into it with her.”
— Jia McMillan Shipley - The Iknoic Music Blog


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