Meet Lana Love.


Lana Love is stepping into her light as a multitalented musician and international artist.

With several National and International tours in over 20 countries, Lana Love has set the stage for her latest project, Forsake Me and 2019 LOVE IS world tour.  Love’s musical journey began at the age of 4, when she plunked out Phantom of the Opera on the living room piano. Fast forward, the Southern Belle moved to NYC to make her dreams come true.

Having worked with Disney, Warner Bros, Marvel, Nickelodeon, HBO, Discovery Channel, to name a few, having spent over 5 years in music theater and achieving her dream to take on Broadway, Lana has become a seasoned performer. As her career evolved, Lana began choreographing and writing lyrics for Spanish Pop-icon, Nacho Cano (Mecano). From that point on, she reconnected with her passion for writing— catapulting Lana into creating her own pop records.

Since the launch of her Pop Music career, Lana has collaborated with several award-winning producers behind powerhouse female vocalist like Whitney Houston, BritneySpears, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lana Del Rey and more. She has accumulated over 300k streams, headlined packed houses in New York City, Las Vegas, and more. She reached #3 on the Reverb Nation Pop/EDM Charts and most recently, topped the pop charts in Germany with her hit song Famous. As the newest artist of World Artists United, Lana is ready to take on the world and spread the one message she hold most dearly…everything, absolutely everything — is LOVE.


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Much love,